SoundCore Life Q35 Headphones



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SoundCore Life Q35 Headphones
SoundCore Life Q35 Headphones
Great sound quality
Up to 60 hours of battery life
3 modes of Active Noise Cancellation

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Like the previous Soundcore Life headphones, the Soundcore Life Q35 have an over-the-ear design with large, comfortable ear-cups. They’re also available in a new blue color.

Soundcore Life Q35 headphones

The Life Q35 headphones are mostly plastic, but there is a metal sheet in the padded headband that feels comfortable as it rests on top of my head.

The ear-cups are soft and I’ve found them comfortable when wearing them for extended periods of time. However, like many headphones in this style, there is little “breathability” for your ears and can result in the “ear sweats” over time.

Soundcore Life Q20 vs Q30 vs Q35

The Soundcore Life Q35 model is very similar to the Q30, however the Q35 add two new features:

  • Auto-pause when the headphones are removed
  • Sony LDAC support for CD-like sound quality

See the following comparison chart for more details.

Soundcore Life Q20 vs Q30 vs Q35 comparison chart


The sound quality on the Soundcore Life Q35 headphones is similar to the Q20, but with stronger bass. And since you can customize the equalizer with the Soundcore app, the Q35 have a definite advantage over the Q20 in terms of sound quality.

Soundcore Life Q35 close up

Active Noise Cancellation can be enabled with a button press or through the Soundcore app, There are three modes to choose from to adapt to your environment: Transport, Indoor and Outdoor.

I was able to put them to the test as my neighbor was having some landscaping done while I was working from home. The Soundcore Life Q35 did a great job of drowning out the tractor noise. Noise Cancellation seems to work best if you’re playing music, even if it is a low volume.

Soundcore Life Q35 close up

Bluetooth range was also impressive, as I was able to walk around my house with my iPhone in a different room and I didn’t notice any blips until I got about 50 feet away indoors.

Soundcore Life Q35 vs Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II

While the Active Noise Cancellation on the Q35 is very good, it’s a hair lower than the level of noise cancellation available on the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II. However, it is still very effective and the Soundcore Life Q35 can save you some serious cash over the Bose brand.


  • Auto-Pause: There is a sensor in the right ear-cup that automatically pauses the music when you remove the headphones.
  • Sony LDAC sound quality: This gives you CD-like sound quality via Bluetooth if you have a phone that also supports LDAC (which is limited to certain Android phones at the time of this review).
  • Soundcore app compatibility: You can use the Soundcore app to customize the equalizer as well as select from 3 different modes of Active Noise Cancellation. The app can also be used for firmware updates.
  • One tap transparency mode: You can lightly press on the right ear-cup for one second to quickly turn on transparency mode. This is useful for quick conversations.
  • AUX cable with microphone: The included AUX cable has an inline microphone, which can help if you have trouble using Bluetooth with your computer.
  • Hard case included: Many headphones no longer include a hard case, but the Soundcore Life Q35 includes a nice case (which has a diagram printed inside to show you how to properly fold the headphones for storage).
Soundcore Life Q35 with included accessories

Battery Life

The Soundcore Life Q35s last up to 60 hours in “normal” mode and up to 40 hours with the Active Noise Cancellation feature turned on. The headphones use a USB-C port for recharging.

Video Review

9.3 Total Score

The Soundcore Life Q35 further enhance the Soundcore Life line of headphones with auto-pause and Sony LDAC technology for CD-like quality sound. The sound quality is great and there are 3 modes of active noise cancellation to adapt to your environment.

Sound Quality
Noise Cancelling
Battery Life
  • Great sound quality
  • Up to 60 hours of battery life
  • 3 modes of Active Noise Cancellation
  • Auto pause sensor is only in the right ear-cup
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