Anker PowerPort Strip Review

Anker PowerPort Strip Review


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Anker PowerPort Strip Review
Anker PowerPort Strip Review

Anker continues with one of the things they do so well: keeping your gadgets charged! The Anker PowerPort Strip provides 6 surge-protected AC outlets, as well as 4 smart PowerIQ USB charging ports.


  • Surge protection: I don’t plug in any electronic in my house without having a surge protector in between (I’ve had devices ruined by lightning storms in the past). I like that this unit provides surge protection and there is a green indicator light to assure you that the surge protection is working.
  • 6 AC outlets: You can plug in 6 devices into this strip to provide surge-protected power.
  • 4 USB charging ports: I really like that this power strip also has 4 USB charging ports built in. These 4 ports feature “PowerIQ” meaning that they have a smart device identification chips so that they can adapt to basically any device you plug into those ports. In my video, you can see that the smart ports provides a high amperage output to my iPad.
  • Cord management: The included Velcro tie on the power cord is a nice touch and helps keep the cord tidy.
  • Manual switch: There is also a manual on/off switch on the unit so you can disconnect the power to your devices without unplugging the whole unit. This is useful if you’re trying to avoid “vampire electricity” draw from the devices plugged into this unit.


  • AC outlets close together: The AC outlets are fairly close together to one another, so power bricks or big plugs may not fit next to each other.
  • No UL listing: There is no UL certification on this power strip. That does not mean that the power strip is unsafe, but I know this is a certification many people look for so I wanted to point it out.

Overall, this is a very convenient charging station that not only protects against surges, but also has the 4 USB charging ports for keeping your gadgets charged up without the need for their AC adapters. This makes it ideal for keeping in a central location of your home so everyone can charge their gadgets.

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8.8 Total Score

Anker is known for their high-quality chargers, and they continue in that tradition with a 6 AC outlet surge-protected power strip that also features 4 smart USB ports. These ports performed well in my tests and provided the proper amperage to the devices connected to it.

Technically Well
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