Anker PowerCore Mini (2016) Ultra Compact Power Bank Review


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Anker PowerCore Mini (2016) Ultra Compact Power Bank Review
Anker PowerCore Mini (2016) Ultra Compact Power Bank Review

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Anker continues to expand their popular PowerCore line with varying capacities and functions. The PowerCore Mini packs 3200mAh in a very portable and very pocket-able design.


  • Portability: The compact, tube design of the Anker PowerCore Mini is small enough to fit in your jeans pocket, without needing to crack any “just happy to see you” jokes.
  • 3200mAh: The capacity is enough to provide a single charge (or maybe squeeze out 1.5 charges) to most smartphones.
  • LED indicator: Some small power banks omit the ability to check the charge level altogether. But a single press of the button on the Anker PowerCore Mini lights up an LED to show you how much juice is remaining with familiar green, yellow, and red indicators.
  • Safety: The PowerCore Mini incorporates safety circuits to protect your devices from surges.


  • No flashlight: Some early models of Anker’s incorporated a small LED flashlight, which I kind of miss on this new model.
  • 1 amp output: Charging can be slow on tablets or Quick Charge-compatible devices, as this power bank outputs about 1 amp max.

The Anker PowerCore Mini is a practical single charge solution that is easy to carry, and easy to use thanks to its no-frills design.

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9.1 Total Score

The PowerCore Mini provides the safety and high quality construction that many Anker users are familiar with in a compact and very portable tube design. The 3200mAh provides enough juice to recharge most smartphones one time and the LED indicator shows how much charge is remaining.

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