Alxum 10-port USB Smart Charging Station Review

Alxum 10-port USB Smart Charging Station Review


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Alxum 10-port USB Smart Charging Station Review
Alxum 10-port USB Smart Charging Station Review

If you have a lot of gadgets to keep charged and organized, this 10-port charger from Alxum keeps your devices charged in style.


  • 10 Ports: This is great for a classroom or large family situation where you need to charge multiple phones and tablets at the same time. It can also charge Bluetooth speakers, headphones, etc, but they likely will not fit in the divider slots and would need to be set to the side. This charger can charge 10 gadgets while only using one AC outlet.
  • Built-in device holder: There are 10 dividers included with this charger that allows you to store your device upright while it charges. This helps minimize the footprint of the charger as your devices are propped up and organized (instead of being spread all over the table or countertop). The dividers can also be removed and repositioned to fit devices of varying widths.  Thanks to the adjustable dividers, I can also fit power banks into this organizer.
  • Smart charging: You can get the fastest charge regardless of where you plug in your device. This unit has “smart charging” which identifies and adapts to the charging requirements of my devices. So I can plug my iPad into any of the ports and get the fastest charge. When I tested with all 10 ports in use, my iPad showed that the charger did provide a high amperage charge allowing the iPad to charge at full speed.
  • 2 prong cord: The plug easily fits in a wall outlet or power strip without blocking the other outlets.
  • UL certification: I am happy to see that the power brick for this unit shows the UL certification logo.


  • Power brick: This unit does have a power brick which may be a nuisance for some, but in doing so, it keeps the base of the unit and the plug itself smaller than trying to incorporate the circuitry directly into them.
  • Bring your own cables: You will need to use your own charging cables as this charger does not come with any. Need some cables? I’ve been happy with Anker’s cables and, for me, they last a long time.

Overall, I really like how this charger organizes my gadgets while they are charging. It sure beats my old method of laying them all over the counter top.

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The 10-port charger from Alxum provides adjustable dividers to keep your devices organized while they charge. The charging base includes adequate ventilation to prevent overheating and the power brick includes UL certification. Unfortunately, charging cables are not included with the unit.

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