Aglaia Color Changing Solar Lights Review

Aglaia Color Changing Solar Lights Review
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  • 7 different colors
  • 3 lighting modes
  • Can be hung up or used on a table top

If you’re tired of the same, boring white solar lights, Aglaia changes it up a bit with these multi-color solar lights.


As is typical with most solar lights, these lights aren’t bright enough to light up your entire yard, but they give off a pleasing glow.  What sets these lights apart is the fact that the light changes colors.

There are 3 lighting modes:

  • Smart: Each night the light will show a different color (not particularly “smart”…)
  • Cycle: The light will cycle through the 7 different colors in the following fashion:
    • The light will smoothly transition from one color to the next.
    • The light will then flash through all 7 colors (this is for selecting a “lock” colored described below)
    • The process repeats.
  • Lock: You can lock onto a particular color by setting the switch to “Lock” when the color you want appears during the cycle process. It’s a little confusing:
    • If you switch to “lock” while the colors are transitioning smoothly, then the light will stay on the smooth transition cycle (it won’t stop on one color).
    • If you switch to “lock” while the light is cycling through the 7 colors during the flash transition, the light will stay on that one color.


These solar lights feature a 200mAh battery that provides enough juice to power these lights for about 10 hours.  To recharge these fully would require a perfectly sunny day, so you will notice these lights last only a few hours on overcast and cloudy days.


As is typical with most solar lights, these have a dusk-to-dawn sensor so power is not wasted unnecessarily during the daylight hours.  The lights are capable of 7 different colors thanks to the built-in multi-color LED.  As mentioned earlier, these lights can either transition through the 7 colors or lock onto one color at night.

The lights don’t necessarily need to be placed in the ground.  They come with a hook attachment so you can hang them up in a sunny spot as well, making them more versatile than many other solar lights.  You could even sit them on a tabletop (with the solar cell facing down) to create some ambient lighting.


Aglaia states that these lights are “IP65” water-resistant, meaning that it has protections again dust and rain.  So you can leave these lights outside in the elements without worry.  Of course, only time will tell with these lights, but they seem to be holding up well so far.

9 Total Score

If you're tired of the same old solar lights, these multicolor lights from Aglaia have multiple (and somewhat confusing) lighting options and are very versatile: they can be stuck in the ground, hung on a wire or used on a tabletop.

  • 7 different colors
  • 3 lighting modes
  • Can be hung up or used on a table top
  • Lighting options are somewhat confusing

Aglaia Color Changing Solar Lights Outdoor, Pack of 6, with 7 Colors and 3 Lighting Modes for Yard, Path, Lawn and Landscape

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  • Rechargeable Solar Lamp. Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery (200mAh) enables the solar path lights to work around 10-12 hours after fully charged
  • Multi-Color Lights. This garden light with 3 lighting modes (cycle / smart / lock) and 7 colors can provide more choices to meet your desire
  • Easy & Multiple Installation. 3 ways to install the light: insert the light into the ground, hang it on some places where can get the sunlight during the daytime, or make the lights sit on the ground or table as a mood lamp
  • Light Sensor. The built-in light sensor makes the pathway lights automatically turn on at night and turn off at dawn
  • Wide Application. Pack of 6 units with colorful light is perfect for indoor and outdoor decoration. Ideal for home, balcony, fence, driveway, Christmas tree decoration


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