Above Elite Deluxe Running Belt Review

If you’re like me, you prefer to have your gadgets within easy reach while hiking. I really like the Above Elite Deluxe Running Belt’s two pocket design, as it allows me to do just that.


  • Convenient: I love hiking and I love taking pictures when I hike, but I don’t like carrying my bulky camera in my pocket (it weighs down my hiking pants) and I don’t want to have to dig around in my backpack every time I want to grab a photo. This belt is the perfect solution. I can keep the camera within easy reach around my waist without have to “hike” up my pants every few steps.
  • Comfortable: The belt adjusts easily to fit my waist. The belt and the pockets are “stretchy” so they adapt if I’m climbing a rock or sitting down for a break.
  • Design: The belt appears to be very well stitched together. I like the two pocket design as I can carry my camera in one and my phone in the other. It also doesn’t look like a fanny pack (not that there’s anything wrong with that).
  • Waterproof: The pockets are lined with a waterproof layer so I know my gadgets are protected inside this belt from sweat or if I get caught in an unexpected downpour.
  • Lightweight: The belt is very lightweight and is great for running. Thanks to the elastic fit, it also doesn’t bounce around while I’m running.


  • Logo: I’m probably just being knit-picky, but the only thing I thought that could be improved with this belt is the fact that the logo is placed twice (one on each pocket). Above Elite is a fine brand judging by the quality of the belt, but I think one logo on the product would be good.

Overall, this belt is very well-made, comfortable, and is very convenient for carrying my devices while running or hiking. I also really like the fact that the pockets are waterproof.

Above Elite Deluxe Running Belt


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