4 Fitness Motivational Hacks for 2017

As we welcome in 2017, you may be working on your new year resolutions.  If you’re like many, you probably have some fitness goals in mind for 2017.  Here are 4 hacks to help you make them a reality.

  • Fitbit Charge and Surge

    Fitbit has several different models to choose from

    Use an activity tracker: Whether it’s a FitBitJawbone UpGarminMisfitApple Watch or some other type of activity tracker, you’ll find that quantifying your daily activity to be highly motivational.  You may want to select a fitness tracker that your friends are already using so that you can link up with each other and compare stats.  Or check the website of your device for groups and communities to participate in.  For example, FitBit has plenty of groups to choose from.

  • Consider a heart rate monitor as well: For me, seeing that I only earned a couple hundred steps from an hour-long P90X sweat fest was very un-motivating.  While activity trackers are good at recording walking and running, they’re not always good at recording weight training exercises.  Heart rate monitors such as those built-in to the FitBit Charge HR or the Apple Watch can give you a better idea of your calorie burn, but they’re not perfect as wrist-based heart rate monitors can give low readings during weight-bearing activities.  Strap on a chest bluetooth heart rate monitor (for iPhone and some Androids phones) while you pump iron to get a better estimate of your calorie burn.
  • Stream music stations designed to motivate you:  Regardless if you prefer Pandora, iHeartRadio or Apple Music, there are plenty of upbeat stations to help power you through your workouts.  Grab a Bluetooth speaker or headphones and you are all set! Here are some stations to get you started:
  • Harness the power of social networks: Follow your favorite athletes on Twitter or join an exercise-focused photo stream on Instagram.  There are also plenty of fitness-focused pinners on Pinterest.  Receiving regular updates from other exercisers in your social streams  can do wonders for your motivation.  Like running?  Be sure to check out the #RunChat conversation on Twitter.  Or if you need a little extra motivation to start your week, check out MoveItMonday.

With these hacks in your arsenal, get ready to place a huge check by this year’s fitness goals come December!

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