3 Tech Essentials for the Beach

I just got back from a week at the beach and I found the following 3 tech items a big help in making the trip a success.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

The sound of the ocean is very relaxing, but also a bit boring.  Some tunes can definitely lighten the atmosphere.  A wireless Bluetooth speaker allows you to rock out while your phone is safely stored away in your bag and out of the sand.  Surprisingly, I also found that I connect to some WiFi hotspots from the nearby beach houses using my cable provider’s login, therefore allowing me to stream music without using up my data plan (a mobile hotspot can help, too, as I’ll elaborate on in a little bit).  If WiFi is not available from your spot on the beach, some speakers can also play MP3 files directly from a Micro SD card.

Waterproof Case for your Phone

Even if you only want to check your phone occasionally while at the beach, a waterproof case for your phone can help keep sand out of the ports.  It’s also handy for when you need to take a phone call and you haven’t had a chance to dry off from the water yet.  It will also keep your phone protected from an accidental spill during late night drinking games.

I used this particular case for my iPhone and it did its job well for my week at the beach.  I wouldn’t want to keep it on my phone all the time as it did dampen the speaker and microphone performance somewhat.  Thankfully, it’s fairly easy to put on and take off my phone as needed.  If you’re a frequent beach or pool-goer, you may want to invest in a more permanent solution such as a Lifeproof case.

Free Mobile Hotspot from the Library

Sadly, the Wifi router at our rented condo was mounted directly behind the living room television, which significantly blocked the signal and caused frequent disconnects.  Thankfully, before I left, I had learned that my local library offered free mobile hotspot rentals.  I checked one out prior to the trip and it worked great for the long drive to the beach, at our rental, and even lasted most of the day at the beach using it’s built-in battery.  This allowed my friends to use their Kindles and tablets while basking in the sun.  It also allowed us to successfully stream Netflix at night.

What tech do you normally use on your beach trips? Let me know in the comments!




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