3 Quick Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, a day to reflect on our planet’s limited resources.  Here are some quick ways to show your support for Mother Earth.

  1. Go paperless. Sign up for e-bills and e-statements from your utilities and financial institutions.  You should not have trouble finding the link to sign up for paperless billing and banking: many companies push this to help save themselves postage fees.  Once you’re signed up, you will receive an email notification any time a new bill or statement is available, and you can easily save the file to your computer for future reference without cluttering up your home.
  2. Save energy. We all know that incandescent bulbs are out and CFLs are in, but did you know that LED bulbs are now available?  They use slightly less power than CFLs and do not contain mercury.  Some early LED bulbs were known for giving off a harsh, bluish light, but many bulbs available now are much warmer and closer to the natural glow of incandescent.
  3. Get started with solar.  All of us usually charge our smartphone once a day, so why not try charging your phone by solar power once or twice a week?  Check out these solar panels or this external battery with a solar charger.

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