3 Gadgets That Can Help Keep You Warm

As yet another Polar Vortex sets in across the country today, you may be looking for easy ways to take the chill out of the air.  Check out these handy gadgets for keeping warm.

  • Electronic hand warmers can be very “handy” when you must brave the cold.  When not warming your hands, some can also be used as a flashlight or as an external battery for your phone.
  • Cold coffee won’t do much to keep you warm, so maintain the temperature of your coffee or hot cocoa with a handy cup warmer.  It sits conveniently on your desk to keep your beverage warm and within easy reach.
  • MyHeat Compact Space Heater
    Someday they will develop technology where office buildings can maintain a comfortable temperature.  Until that day, this small space heater can help prevent frosty fingers on your keyboard.  It only uses 200 watts, so it shouldn’t trip your cubicle’s breaker, but check with your HR department first to see if such devices are allowed.

If you find yourself in a power outage during the winter, check out these tips for preserving your phone’s battery.

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