LG Life Band Touch Announced

Wearable tech appears to be all the rage at CES, and LG is joining the party with their Life Band Touch.

Sharing some of it looks with the Nike Fuelband, the LG Life Band Touch features a dotted LED display, a USB clasp and a soft-to-the-touch rubber covering.  However, the LG bracelet has some additional features over the Fuelband.

LG includes an altimeter for more accurate tracking when going up the stairs at work or climbing the hills on your next hike.  The Life Band Touch can also display call information and provides media controls for navigating your music.  You can even track your heart rate with “Heart Rate Earphones”, which measures the blood flow in the ear.

No solid release date yet (heck, it was supposed to come out in mid-2013), but we’ll watch to see if the Life Band Touch ever comes to life.

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