Basis Band Watch: Tracks More Than Just Activity

We’ve seen a few fitness trackers that are good at measuring your activity level and steps.  However, the Basis Band takes tracking a step further.

The Basis Band watch includes an accelerometer that records the steps you take throughout the day.  However, it also incorporates a pair of green LEDs that plus light into your wrist periodically that is read by an optical sensor and used to calculate your heart rate.  The watch can also determine your body temperature and measure your perspiration.

This information provides you with additional biometric feedback that you can track by syncing the watch with your iPhone and some Android devices via Bluetooth.  Information can also be synced through your computer with the included charging cradle.  The Basis service then provides you with “healthy habits” guidance throughout your day, such as suggestions for getting more activity or goals of getting more sleep.

The device can last about 4 days between charges and retails for around $199 (about double the price of a FitBit).  The Basis Band is also a little bigger and bulkier than a typical watch.  However, the comprehensive tracking and fitness motivation provides additional value not found in many other trackers.

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