Back to School with GearBest: 4 Rounds of Savings

GearBest is having a huge back-to-school sale, with four rounds of different savings events: like select electronics for just $1.

  • GearBest gadgetsRound 1: Earn a coupon code of some of GearBest’s hottest selling electronics just by sharing it on social media (your followers can also save). Just take a look at the item you’re interested in and then click the corresponding “share” button under it.
  • Round 2: GearBest will feature select products for just $1 August 16th through August 19th. Just visit the page at 9:00 UTC and 17:00 UTC (that’s 4:00am ET and 1:00pm ET) to check out the $1 deal.
  • Round 3: Select one of the featured categories to enjoy steep discounts on some great electronics.  Items include tablets, backpacks, quadcopters, Bluetooth earbuds, and more!
  • Round 4: Finally, if your back-to-school budget is a little tight, check out some of GearBest’s bargains starting at $0.99. You can think of it as the dollar store section of GearBest’s website.

So before the next semester begins, be sure to check out GearBest’s sale to help stretch your school budget a little further.  And to keep up with the latest GearBest happenings, check out the GearBest Blog.

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