Anker PowerPort+ 6 Charger Review

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On November 25, 2015
Last modified:November 25, 2015


This home charger adds Quick Charge 2.0 compatibility to Anker's already popular Power IQ smart chargers. It handles smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers and more with ease and now supports newer Android devices with Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0 technology.

Anker’s popular 5-port smart charger gets an upgrade with the addition of a 6th port for Quick Charge 2.0 charging.


  • 5 ports + 1 Quick Charge port: If you’re familiar with Anker’s popular 5-port charger, this unit is similar except that there is a 6th port for Quick Charge 2.0 devices. However, if you don’t have any Quick Charge 2.0 compatible devices, the 6th port does not go to waste: the 6th port can also provide a regular 5V USB charge to phones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, etc.
  • 60 watts: 60 watts of power at 5 volts means that there are 12 amps available total from this charger. So you could charge 6 iPads at the same time at full speed as each iPad would receive the 2 amps needed to fast charge.
  • Power IQ: Each port has a smart identification chip so that you basically plug any device into any port and it will adapt to its unique charging requirements. So I can plug my iPad into any of the ports and get a fast charge without needing to worry if I’m using the correct port or not.
  • Design: This unit has a compact, sleek design with a brushed aluminum finish surrounding the ports and a matte plastic casing around the rest of the unit.
  • Cable tie: OK, this is minor, but I really appreciate when companies include a Velcro cable tie already wrapped on the power cord. It saves me the trouble of attaching a cable tie myself.
  • Safety: You may be thinking that charging 6 devices at one time is sure to be a fire hazard, but Anker builds in multiple safety features in their products. In the past, I overloaded one of their 5 port chargers and it correctly shut off and needed to be unplugged in order to reset.


  • Casing: While I like the compact design of the unit, the plastic casing gives it somewhat of a cheap feeling.

Overall, this is a sleek charger that expands the capabilities of Anker’s popular 5-port smart charger by adding a Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 port. Anker also backs their products with an 18-month warranty if you run into any issues.

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