Anker 40W 5 Smart Port USB Charger Review

Virtually all of our electronic gadgets charge via USB, but matching up the correct charger with the correct device is cumbersome, especially when you’re on the go.  Anker solves that issue with a charger that not only charges 5 devices at once, it also adapts to each individual device to charge at full speed.

My iPhone uses a 1 amp charger.  My iPad needs 2.1 amps.  My Kindle charges happily at 0.5 amps.  And who the heck knows what the HP TouchPad needs, as nothing seems to charge it but the brick that came with it.

Varying power requirements affects the speed at which your gadget will charge.  While my iPhone charger could charge my iPad, it will take twice as long compared to the iPad-specific charger.

Most USB ports on our computers provide 0.5 amps, but that just doesn’t cut it with today’s tech.  If you dare try to charge your iPad by using your computer’s USB port, it will politely inform you that it’s “not charging”.

Anker solves that issue with their new 40W charger with 5 “smart” ports that adapt to the power requirements of your device.  Need to charge an iPad, an iPhone, an Android phone, a Kindle, and your GPS at full speed?  Not a problem, as this charger will provide each device with its own maximum power capability.

Anker claims each Smart Port has its own microchip that intelligently identifies each device and configure itself for the proper power requirement to charge that device at maximum speed.  A voltage regulator also ensures that a steady 5V output is supplied to each device and safety circuits cap the power at 8 amps total.

And the Anker charger lives up to the claim.  This charger has been able to handle pretty  much anything I’ve thrown at it: an iPhone 5S, an iPhone 4S, an iPad, a Kindle, a Kindle Fire, a Bluetooth speaker, and a TomTom.  The one device that still gives me trouble is the HP TouchPad, but I won’t blame the Anker charger for that one, as hardly anything will charge that picky beast.  One minor downside: no charging cords are included with this unit, but you likely have plenty of Micro USB and/or Apple USB cords laying around.

With the Anker 40W Smart Port Charger, I can finally get rid of my ugly power strip decorated with oddly shaped USB chargers and instead keep one black, sleek charger on my nightstand.

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