Anear 60W 6-Port Desktop USB Charger Review

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On August 8, 2015
Last modified:August 9, 2015


Anear's charger is one of the few I've seen that can supply a full 2 amps to each and every port simultaneously. This is handy if you have multiple tablets in your household that need to be charged quickly at the same time.

Anear’s new charger is one of the few multi-port chargers I’ve seen that can supply 2 amps to each port at the same time. If you have a lot of tablets in your home, this can come in handy.


  • 6 USB charging ports: There are 6 USB ports on the unit. Each of them are “smart” ports meaning that they can supply up to 2 amps of power if the device needs it. They are also fine for charging smartphones and other devices that only need 1 amp. In my video, you can see that these smart ports adapted and provided a higher amperage to my iPad.
  • 60W: This charger can deliver 2 amps of power to all 6 ports simultaneously. If you have the fortunate problem of needing to charge 6 tablets at full speed at the same time, you can do so with this charger.
  • Blue LED: I like that there is a blue LED to let you know if the unit is on and receiving power.
  • 2 prong plug: The plug does not block other outlets and fits nicely on a power strip.
  • Compact design: The unit is small and takes up very little space, making it fine for a nightstand or the kitchen counter.


  • No cables: There are no cables included with the unit, so you will need to use your own Micro USB or Lightning charging cables.

Overall, this is a very convenient charging station that can handle basically any device you connect to it. The smart ports are able to adapt to tablet devices and charge them at full speed.

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